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2002 – Present   :         Senior Correspondent, The Himalayan Times, International Media Network. Report mainly on politics, water and sanitation, environment and other social issues.

2004-2004      : Preparation of report on children's participation within child clubs of consortium member organisations, for Consortium of Originations Working with Child Clubs

2007-2007      : Preparation of report on national consultation of children on children's participation in constitution making process

2003-2003      : Publication of the newsletter for UNESCO Kathmandu Office

2002-2002      : Public awareness campaign on Buddhist Kathmandu for Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust

1996–2002     :  Assistant Senior Sub-Editor, The Kathmandu Post, Kantipur Publications (P) Ltd. Reported on politics, local government, women and children, environment, art and culture etc. Apart from this, also wrote analytical, informative and satirical articles.

1996–2000     :  Part-time teacher in English Department, Ratna Rajyalaxmi Campus, Kathmandu.

1996–2000     :  Part-time teacher in English Department, Jana Adarsha Campus, Thimi, Bhaktapur.

1996–1998     :  Part-time teacher in English Department, Deurali Multiple Campus, Kathmandu.

1991–1991     :  Research Assistant, Policy and Technical Support for Urban Sector, National Shelter Sector Training Needs Assessment Project (UNCHS, UN-HABITAT)/UNDP.



1998               :  Completed Master’s Degree in Newari from Central Department of Nepalbhasa, Tribhuwan University. Secured 1st position in top-ten list. Awarded with Mahendra Bidhya Bhushan.

1994               :  Completed Master’s Degree in English from Ratna Rajyalaxmi Campus, Tribuwan University.

1991               :  Completed Proficiency Certificate Level as single subject, majoring in Journalism from Ratna Rajyalaxmi Campus, Tribhuwan University.

1991               :  Completed English Writing Course from Campus of International Language, Tribhuwan University.

1989               :  Completed Bachelors’ Degree, majoring in English and Geography, from Tri-Chandra Campus, Tribhuwan University. Secured 4th position in top-ten list.

1987               :  Completed Proficiency Certificate Level from Ratna Rajyalaxmi Campus, Tribhuwan University.

1985               :  Passed SLC Examination of the government's examination board, schooling from Nepal Adarsha High School, Kathmandu.



2007               :  Completed CPISM (Web designing) course from Aptech Computer Education, Lalitpur.

2007               :  Participated in World Esperanto Congress in Yokohama, Japan; organized by World Esperanto Association.

2007               :  Participated in Regional Media Workshop on Urban Water and Sanitation Issues in Asian and the Pacific Region, Singapore; organized by International Water and Sanitation Centre and UN-HABITAT.

2007               :  Completed training on Environment Justice, organized by Nepal Forum of Environment Journalist in collaboration with ICIMOD.

2006               :  Participated in Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference on Housing and Human Settlements, New Delhi; organized by UN-HABITAT in cooperation with the Government of India

2006               :  Participated in Regional Media Workshop in Water and Sanitation issues, New Delhi, organized by International Water and Sanitation Centre and UN-HABITAT.

2006               :  Participated in workshop on tourism and media, organized by Journalists in Nepalese Tourism

2006               :  Formed Media Group for Children, worked as its executive member.

1999               :  Completed the Professional Writing Course of English Language Center’s Professional English Program.

1997               :  Participated in the 18th annual conference; organized by Linguistic Society of Nepal.

1997               :  Completed Proficiency Course in Windows 95 and MS Office 97 securing the first division from College of Software Engineering, Kathmandu.

1996               :  Completed Radio Announcing Basic Training Course from Media Magnum, Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu.

1995               :  Completed the training of language trainers conducted by Intercultural Training & Research Center Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu.

1995               :  Completed the advanced level of the American language Center’s English Proficiency program.

1994               :  Participated in Universal Esperanto Congress of Esperanto, South Korea; organized by World Esperanto Association.



Sex                  :  Male

Date of Birth   :  1968.11.8 (2025.7.23 BS)

Nationality      :  Nepali

Marital status   :  Married

Languages       :  Newari, Nepali, English, Hindi and Esperanto  

Religion          :  Buddhist

Homepage       : (in Esperanto)

Hobbies          :  Drawing, reading and writing, photography, traveling




Dr Roshan Raj Shrestha,

The Chief Technical Advisor,

Water for Asian Cities Pogramme,


Tel : 9851029109


Mr Umesh Pandey


Nepal Water for Health

Tel: 9851022789


Mr Prakash Amatya

Executive Director,

NGO Form for Urban Water and Sanitation

Tel: 9851097910